Yvonne Kandi has been a television and radio talk show host, actress, author, and entrepreneur for over 10 years. She is the on-camera and backgrounds vocal talent for The Glamorous Life TV, a lifestyle magazine TV show produced and directed by Yvonne Kandi Productions. The Glamorous Life TV features glamorous high-end real estate, travel destinations, fashion, fine dining influential people and more. Yvonne hosts The Yvonne Kandi Show, once on NBC, is a very informative television and radio talk show with celebrity guests and experts discussing latest lifestyle news and trends. One of Yvonne's latest shows is Real Estate Today With Yvonne Kandi, where she talks about everything real estate including buying, selling, funding, and credit repair. Outside of producing and being a talent, Yvonne is a motivational speaker and owns her own real estate investment firm.

 Yvonne and her husband also have built very successful music publishing and production companies, earning several prestigious awards in the industry such as a BMI Award, American Music Award, and a Grammy Nomination. Today many of these published and produced compositions can be heard in television commercials such as The Gap and Old Navy, television shows such as Scandal and Grey's Anatomy, movies such as Shame starring Keenan Ivory Wayans and much more. Their work has been and is used for video game soundtracks such as Grand Theft Auto by Sony PlayStation.


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